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The Morton College Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt, not-for-profit 501(C)(3), corporation dedicated to educational advancement.

The MCF’s Board of Directors and Officers are all volunteers who donate their time. The Board is comprised of dedicated alumni, active community leaders and successful local business owners.

Since its inception, the Morton College Foundation (MCF) has disbursed more that $1,000,000 – by awarding scholarships to over 1,400 students, recognizing outstanding service through faculty and staff awards, and contributing to capital development projects at Morton College.


The Morton College Foundation (MCF), a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, was originally established as the Morton College Endowment Fund in 1976 by group of forward-thinking business owners, local bankers and community leaders. During the past 41 years, MCF has disbursed $905,350 in scholarships to over 1,300 students, recognized phenomenal service through monetary awards to faculty and staff, and contributed to capital development projects at Morton College (such as purchasing the first computers on campus, acquiring the sound system in the theater and providing art work to improve aesthetics). In total MCF has serviced Morton College students, Morton College projects and faculty and staff with close to $1,000,000. MCF currently manages 32 distinct scholarships, each with unique selection criterion. In 2017, the Foundation began offering the “Jump Start Grant” and the “President’s Race to the Finish Grant”. The Jump Start Grant was established to help students with the cost of attending college and to motivate students to enroll in Morton College. The President’s Race to the Finish Grant was established to help students in dire need of assistance to cover college costs.

Our dedication to educational advancement continues through the awarding of scholarships to incoming, continuing and graduating Morton College students. A scholarship booklet is available for students at the College, which outlines the criteria for these awards. An Annual Convocation Ceremony ensures that the MCF award winners receive the acknowledgement that they rightly deserve for their stellar performance.

Governance and Philosophy

MCF is governed by a Board of Directors. Each year, the board elects a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All directors and officers are unpaid and participate on a completely voluntary basis. The board and officers take their fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. MCF prides itself in improving efficiency through the use of technology and in limiting expenses through the use of dedicated volunteers. Each year MCF engages independent auditors to examine and verify the Foundation’s financial statements. A copy of the current audit, tax returns for the three most recent years and/or corporate certificate of good standing, is available upon request. In recent years, many other charitable organizations have made investments with larger potential returns which ultimately resulted in the loss of principal. MCF’s conservative investment policies have consistently protected the assets entrusted to us by generous donors and the endowments were never placed in jeopardy.

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