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Donations / Giving Morton College Foundation

There are three levels of donations to help Morton College students and they can be made by mail, contacting us by email or secure online PayPal portal. 

The most recent review of the MCF’s financial statements is available upon request.

1) Unrestricted Donation

There are no minimum dollar amounts for these typical one-time donations. They are often made by businesses and individuals as a one-time charitable contribution. At other times, a family may request that donations be made to the MCF in lieu of flowers. Anyone may make an “in memory of” donation by simply writing the name on the memo line of the check. A summary of all donations are presented at the regular Foundation meetings Moreover, individual gifts of $250.00 or more are are acknowledged by a letter to the donor. There are no restrictions on how these funds are invested or disbursed by the Board.

2) Temporarily Restricted Funds

Funds that are set up for annual renewal (e.g., an on-going scholarship or grant program or pledged support)  are classified as temporarily restricted.  While the Board places no minimum acceptable amount, we are often asked what a full scholarship would cost to support one student.  Currently the typical tuition & fees for for an in-district full-time student is $2,700.00 per year (enrolling in additional classes, buying more books and lab fees, if applicable, would increase this amount. The donor would initially determine the the eligibility and  selection criteria (such as field of study, academic performance [i.e., grade point average] , essay submission, community service, financial need, etc. as guidance for the College’s Scholarship Committee.  Disbursement instructions would also need to be identified in order for the Financial Aid Office  to apply them to the student’s allowable expenses.  Such restricted funds may continue beyond one year, depending upon the level of sustained replenishment by the donors.

3) Permanently Restricted Donation

A minimum contribution of $50,000.00 is required to establish an endowment. The terms and conditions of these self-sustaining accounts are defined in a formal donor’s agreement between the MCF and the donor. The principal amount (or corpus) is protected in any permanently restricted account and the interest from investment income is used to fund the annual scholarship/award.

Mail Donations To:

Morton College Foundation
5929 W 35th Street
Cicero, IL 60804

Secure online website:

You may make a one-time or recurring donation through our secure online PayPal portal. The secure website accepts payment via credit and debit cards too.

donations / giving

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